Wellcome to IANUS

Who is IANUS? What is and what does IANUS? These questions can’t be answered without speaking about the people who cooperate on the IANUS platform, who provide and expand its scientific and technical expertise.

By definition, IANUS welcomes anyone’s ideas, suggestions or initiatives – for technological development to strengthen social bonds, to reduce the potential for conflict and work towards peaceful living conditions, taking “peace” to be one of the core values of responsible research and innovation. IANUS thus encourages and supports the cooperation of researchers in any technological field where safety and security are discussed, where risks and benefits are often distributed unevenly, or where one needs to rely on scarce resource.

Nuclear Condition(s)

Nuclear Conditon(s)

Politics, Technology, Philosophy

Nuclear Condition(s) examine(s) particular conditions of action, practices, and thought generated by nuclear technologies. IANUS brings together an international and interdisciplinary research group to commonly discuss matters of nuclear concern. read more

Conflict Minerals

The 2017/18 IANUS Working Group

Green technology, renewable energy, resource ef ciency – these are the catchwords of the day as we seek to sever our reliance on fossil fuels. But with the energy transition comes the dependency on new materials. They don’t pose the problems of fossil fuels, but pose problems of their own. read more

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The Academic Quarter SS 2017


7. und 21. Juni 2017

5. und 19. Juli 2017

When: Wednesdays starting at 13:00 c.t.

Where: ULB S1|20, Presentation hall of the University Library, next Academic Quarter

Poster Workshop 2017

Review of the IANUS Thematic Week 2017

“Securitiy cultures – safety and security across the Disciplines”

On Thursday, the 9th Feb IANUS organized a workshop about security cultures across the disciplines. Read more

The IANUS Magazine has arrived

“IANUS – Science, Technology, Peace 2016/17”

In the Magazine IANUS introduces its projects and research and provides an overview of the activities of the research platform. Read more